Saturday, 11 January 2014

Atta Laddoo Recipe

We went to visit my parents .I wanted to make something simple and light for my parents,so decided to make these atta laddoos.First I was sceptical about making laddoos with wheat flour/atta as I thought it would have the raw smell of atta,but some how decided to go head with this and my hesitation did prove me wrong, the laddoos came out well.Later I repented for making it in such a small quantity and everybody loved it.I got this recipe from sharmis passions,but increased the sugar quantity as we prefer sweet on the higher side.The laddoos came out in a melt in mouth consistency and the addition of powdered nuts added to the taste,just loved the idea of adding powdered nuts yummm. The sun here was playing hide and seek hence the difference in colour in the two photos.
Whole wheat flour has numerous health benefits.It is rich in dietary fibre which reduce the risk of colon cancer.Whole wheat flour which has high amounts of betaine and choline reduces the risk of heart diseases and Osteoporosis.Addition of the nuts added to the goodness.Pistachios are source of iron which helps in increasing the haemoglobin and RBC level in the blood.Cashews are a rich source of magnesium which keep our nerve system relaxed and reduce muscle spasms. Badam is vital for brain development and also regulation of cholesterol.
Atta Laddoo Recipe


  1. Dry roast all the nuts in a kadai ,see to it that they don't change colour.This step is to ensure that the are nuts crisp to get a fine powder.Transfer it to a plate.In the same pan dry roast the atta /whole wheat flour till it changes colour.This may take around 8 to 10 minutes depending on the quantity you are using.Do this step in low heat and constant stirring to avoid the flour getting burnt.Keep it aside.
  2. Now powder the cooled nuts to a fine powder and transfer it to a bowl.In the same mixie jar you can now powder the sugar to a fine powder.
  3. Now mix well the roasted atta ,powdered sugar and nuts powder in a wide bowl .Heat the ghee and add it to the atta mix , make laddoos and enjoy them.
Atta Laddoo Recipe

My Notes:

  • You can reduce the amount of sugar if you prefer your sweets on the milder side.
  • Amount of ghee used may increase to 1/3 of a cup depending on the atta used.
  • If you use home made atta the laddoos may turn out in brown shade.
  • You can add elaichi powder to the mix before adding ghee and mix it well.Actually I forgot to add it.
  • Adding nuts is your choice you can omit them completely or just add chopped nuts.
  • Mine was a small quantity so I added all the ghee at the same time if doing in large quantity do so in batches.
  • You can sieve the atta flour before roasting but I didn't

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