Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Spicy Chettinadu Style Tomato Rice Recipe

Everybody will be celebrating Pongal today.In Chennai it is holiday season literally.The kids are having a long holiday for nearly 6 days.Having a tough time having the kid at home and keeping her engaged all through the day.Today's recipe is tomato rice,as I told we like to have variety rice often so we try checking for new variety rice recipes.This rice as usual is Amma's recipe.This is a chettinadu style recipe.The original recipe doesn't require any grinding but I puree the tomatoes. The tanginess of the tomato,spiciness of the chilly and flavor of garam masala make this tomato rice very special.
Wishing Everyone a Happy Pongal.
Spicy Tomato Rice Recipe


  1. Heat oil in a kadai add the items to temper followed by chopped onions and garlic saute well and add the chopped tomato and all the masala powder and salt.In meantime puree the other 3 tomatoes and add it to the kadai .Close the lid of the kadai let the mix boil till the oil starts floating.
  2. After the tomato mix is ready add the cooled rice and mix well and check for seasoning.Serve hot with onion raita or chips.
Spicy Tomato Rice Recipe

My Notes:

  • This rice is best suited for lunch box as you can make the tomato mix the previous night and store it in the fridge and mix it with the rice in the morning.
  • The tomato mix can be used as tomato thokku as such with dosa or chappathi.
  • Once the tomato mix is ready you can add ground coconut paste to it and your tomato kurma is ready.
  • This tomato mix is handy so you can make it before hand and store it.
  • I chopped only one tomato and pureed the other 3 you can add all chopped tomatoes,this makes the dish much tastier but the kid doesnt like the skin of tomatoes in the dish so I purred them.Actually chooped tomatoes cook faster.
  • Adjust the spice level to taste.

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  1. Nice recipe...Prepared it today and enjoyed the taste.Thanks:)