Friday, 24 January 2014

Mint Flavoured Paneer Tikki/Pudina Paneer Tikki Recipe

I somehow was greatly impressed by the paneer jamun sharmilee had posted and was waiting to try it.When I could get my hands on this malai paneer at nilgiris I was thrilled that I could try this paneer jamun to surprise Sharu when she comes back from school.So after preparing the regular lunch I was all set to prepare the jamun.The dough was ready,but on dropping it in the oil,to my dismay I saw the jamuns disintegrating in the oil,some started developing a tail I really couldn't figure out what went wrong with the dough.Tried out the next batch and then the 3rd batch also but their shapes changed,it was then I knew that this is not going to work and stopped with the 3rd batch and started thinking of alternate ways to use up the dough first thought of preparing malai kofta but that needed other veggies to be chopped and steamed,so a big no to that,I also had a boiled potato on hand (thats nice)so mixed this up with the dough then thought about flavoring , my eyes fell on the mint leaves and so was born the mint flavored paneer tikkis. Oh ! such a long story for such a simple dish.
About the taste ,the tikkis were bursting with the flavor of mint which I loved greatly.These tikkis also got a thumps up from the kiddo once she was back from school.So if you are looking for a snack for the little one who comes back from school this is for you. I did not add chillies but did not feel the need for spiciness due the over whelming flavor of mint.Mint is said to aid digestion,so no need for ginger.This a easy peasy recipe which does not require any chopping of onions neither any grinding.
Mint Flavoured Paneer Tikki Recipe


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