Thursday, 9 January 2014

Thengai Mangai Sadham Recipe

This thengai mangai sadham is one of amma's speciality which is a favourite among my friends.When I saw mangoes in the market I was reminded of this rice and wanted to try it .We love the sweet and sour taste of this rice.It goes well with any spicy veggie or just chips is fine.This rice tastes best when made with half ripe mangoes.My daughter is in favour of any variety rice instead of the same old sambar and rasam daily.We prefer having variety rice atleast once in a week, mostly Fridays is variety rice day in our house.The addition of raisins and cashews add richness to this but weight watchers can skip cashews.I tried this last week and it came out well,do try this.
Mangoes are rich in vitamin C ,thus help in building better immune system.Raw mango is a good source of pectin which gives a good cure for gastro-intestinal disorders.Raisins contribute to bone health,cure anaemia as they are a rich source of calcium,iron.This rice combines the goodness of both mangoes and raisins.
Thengai Mangai Sadham Recipe


  1. Dry roast the grated coconut and transfer it to a plate.In the same kadai heat oil and add the items in the "to temper" list .Now add the grated mangoes and saute till it shrinks,you can now add the turmeric powder and salt and saute it.
  2. Add the roasted coconut to the kadai and mix well.Now add the cooled rice and mix everythig well.check for seasoning and serve with any curry or with just chips or appalam.
Thengai Mangai Sadham Recipe

My Notes:

  • This rice is best suited for lunch box,especially for kids who love to nuts and raisins .
  • You can also add roasted ground nut in place of cahews or both.
  • Raisins add a sweet punch to the rice as against the sour taste of the mango.
  • Dry roasting of the coconut brings out a good aroma.
  • I would suggest you try this dish with half ripe mangoes for a much better taste.
  • You can also use cuury leaves for seasoning.


  1. Ohhhh!!! Mango into this dish is making me drool. I love the spicy notes and the sadham.

  2. This is the first time I am hearing this variety rice. Thanks for sharing nutritional information. Will try this dish soon..